BANNERS ARE OUR B*TCH. We are a team of highly trained agency software engineers, project managers, and designers with one goal: To get the job done, on-time, and when you need it. Whether it’s integrating with your team, picking up where the other guys left off, or starting from scratch, we have your back.
We've got your HTML5 banner production on lock.
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Sure, you could chose another vendor. But don't blame me when your C-list vendor can't deliver the goods and blows the budget causing you to lose your job. Keep your job, hire Black & Red.
—Neil Cox, Senior Producer @ McKinney
FABA: For Agencies By Agencies
  • 100% Ex-Agency Staff
  • We’re picking up what you’re laying down.
  • 99% of our work is direct to agency
  • Our producers work with your producers
  • No hand-holding required.
  • 100% US Based.
  • Direct transparency on Slack and Jira
  • Modified Agile with some secret sauce. (patent pending)
  • Proprietary tooling for ultra fast development
  • In house studio team for last minute creative edits
  • Rock solid external QA partners
  • F*cking fast turnaround
Animation & Interaction
  • HTML5 Canvas, SVG and and CSS3 animations
  • Fully art-directable
  • Bespoke motion design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Rich Media Game Development
  • Proprietary image compression techniques
  • Expert motion graphics tooling
  • NO GIFS (or Flash, who do you think we are?!)
Cross-Platform Display Ads
  • Desktop + mobile + tablet
  • Rich media
  • Interactive banners
  • Automated scaled production
  • Localization
  • Dynamically generated banners

14 concepts. 49 banners. One producer getting a raise.

What if you have a client that demands perfection? What if this client uses words and phrases like “bespoke” and “deep creative intuition”? What if the client is talking about a banner? We dreamt up a collection of 14 unique animation concepts across 49 banners for this campaign. It took some nerd magic and more than a few pots of coffee to strongarm Internet Explorer into submission for some state of the art vector animation, but we came out winners well before the deadline.

MEET YOUR DEADLINE HTML5 BannerSVG animationCross-compatible

Synesthesia: A perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

You spend two weeks perfecting the art of turning sound into animation: “goop, drip, bloop, blop. More drippily...” Your junior CD approves it. Then the Executive Creative Director comes back from vacation and there’s a new sheriff in town. START OVER. You need these all revised and to the client in under a week. We got your back. That was the Velveeta campaign.

GET THE CHEESE HTML5 BannerRich mediaRevisions


Warm cookies are f*king great. DoubleTree needed a fun way to bring those cookies right through your computer screen! Imagine this: You need vibrant character rigging, deep emotional vector based expression, and “whimsical fun” — and you need this goodness 46 times within 2 weeks. Call us @ 844-SEND-WOLF.

START YOUR BANNERS HTML5 BannerCharacter riggingBlazing turnaround